Thank you for participating ;)

We just finished our 1st round photo shoot. Thanks for those who are coming to 1st Round photo shoot. There was a lot of problem we having lately which is pulled out contestant and wanna be model's ego. 

Whois us? Not big as other productions but other productions also starting from bottom. People seems not believed in us because we not famous as others. Don't worry people looking down on us because they didn't dare enough to join this contest. We are not playing around and this is not school project. This is Dare2be Contest which already spend almost RM10k from our own. Winner win a ticket to Phuket. Winner and others get a chance to gain experience for free because this is FREE Contest you don't need to pay anything and you get portfolio for FREE. Small effort Big in return. Why you pull out a big chance like this. If you still think this is not real contest then you can back off <3

Congratulation for those who coming and next photo shoot will be on Sunday 9, October 2011. Are you dare enough?

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