Open Contest for Everyone : Are You Dare enough


Good news for all readers. Are you dare enough to join this? Nothing to lose just get some people choice for your comment. Join us NOW !

Its easy. Comment on our 3rd Round's album and get LIKE as many as you can for your comment like above.

Mudah sahaja. Komen dimana2 gambar dalam album 3rd Round kami dan dapatkan LIKE atas komen anda seperti gambar di atas.

Hadiah Misteri menanti anda. Jangan lepaskan peluang anda

Dare2be 3rd Round Beauty is RARE

Suprise. This is the best shot of our contestant for next round. Please LIKE to support them. Feel free to view their photo. Exclusive from us.

November Schedule

So here we go. This November Event for Dare2be. Please update with us if you can't proceed with that date. Thank You.

Episode 1 [Dare2be] for 1st Round

Hey guys,

Its time to show you our 1st Episode of Dare2be Contest. Sorry for bad editing in video. Just enjoy the show and give support for them. Thank You. Subscribe to Channel for Episode 2.

Dare2be 2nd Round Kitchen Riot

Hey guys. Whats up? Thanks for those who really read our post in this blog. Not much to say and please do support us in this contest. Just help them to motivate and comment on how they pose and react. Thank You. So please vote for them by liking their photo at here. Highest vote will have a chance to have a 30-min session includes callus removal, foot scrub and foot massage.

Dare2be 1st Round Beauty is Confident

Hello readers,

Let me introduce you our 10 contestants for Dare2be. For more info please visit our FAN Page [Click Here]

Ann, 22.

Damira, 21. 

Arziba, 22. 

Karma, 21. 

Amira, 22.

Nini, 25.

Noreen, 23.

Maisarah, 25.

Syahira, 22.

Tya, 20.

Grand Prize Announcement

Whats up girls.

So its a news for you whether its a great news or not. So we already decided to change our Grand Prize from Phuket Island to Krabi Island. Why? Because we said so. Nahh Im just kidding. It is because I think Krabi more relaxing than Phuket isn't. Serious, we are not playing and this is not school project. This is real. R E A L.

Please don't take it as simple as you think because we choose how you commit in this contest not just you are beautiful. We need someone who are fun, discipline and quickly respond to our message. Are you saving a lot of credit to respond to our message. Its just 10cent from your credit amount where you spend a lot to your boyfriend? Haha nahh don't take it serious you know me but please after this try to be more discipline.

We already choose our date and I already inform you 2 weeks earlier. So clear your schedule. I don't take last minutes S.H.I.T unless its really important. We need someone serious because there is still a lot of girl trying to join this contest if you want to quit or give up or don't want take it serious.

Its a lot of talking here so lets just relaxing by viewing few photo about Krabi. Just imagine when you get there <3

Cheese ;)


  • 4-star hotel in Krabi, Thailand.
  • Private balcony with sea view.
  • Facilities include swimming pools, massage service and more.
  • Only 5 minutes from beach.
  • Day tours to nearby islands available.

October Schedule

Hey whats up? So this is our contestant's Schedule for this Month. Confirm earlier if you can't join this.

Love, Cheese <3

Yes! I dare to be your contestant!

Click here to view them. LIKE to VOTE <3

One more slot to go. So hows? Its easy we looking for someone really interested in this contest. We need someone who really have attitude. Not just Poser and Diva. Oh God We do really hate that kind of girl.

So girls out there. Voting open on Thursday 3PM until Saturday 3PM. The highest vote will help you cause we still judge you. So send your perfect photo to

The reason why we do voting. Its because there's still lot of girls out there who want to join so I can't make choice. Lets people choose you. Are you dare enough?

Dare2be Contestants

So this is the moment that you waiting for. Our beautiful young ladies that dare enough to join our contest, now I proudly present to you our 11 contestants Dare2be contest.

Click here to view all contestants

Thank you for participating ;)

We just finished our 1st round photo shoot. Thanks for those who are coming to 1st Round photo shoot. There was a lot of problem we having lately which is pulled out contestant and wanna be model's ego. 

Whois us? Not big as other productions but other productions also starting from bottom. People seems not believed in us because we not famous as others. Don't worry people looking down on us because they didn't dare enough to join this contest. We are not playing around and this is not school project. This is Dare2be Contest which already spend almost RM10k from our own. Winner win a ticket to Phuket. Winner and others get a chance to gain experience for free because this is FREE Contest you don't need to pay anything and you get portfolio for FREE. Small effort Big in return. Why you pull out a big chance like this. If you still think this is not real contest then you can back off <3

Congratulation for those who coming and next photo shoot will be on Sunday 9, October 2011. Are you dare enough?

Are you photographer? Join this Mini Contest

Hello photographers our there,

We have great news for you. We looking for photographer to collaborate with us for episode Special Guest photographer. Are you interested to photo shoot all of our contestant? Yes you can do that. Just send you best photo to our email.

Email :
Facebook : SayCheese Hello

Winners get chance to photo shoot all dare2be contestants.

What you have to do is. We will upload you photo to our album and like usual we need you to grab LIKE as many as you can. Friends . Do LIKE Page if you want vote counted ;) So photographer out there? Are you dare enough?

Do send together with your details.

Full Name :
Facebook Name :
Age :

Close date for this mini contest? Its surprise as long as you fast then you can grab many LIKE to you photo.

Undi dikira jika org mengundi LIKE page kami

SayCheese Productions

Kami akan mengira semua nnti.. ♥


Grand Prize for Dare2be Contest

So the moment that we are waiting for. 

For the grand prize winner,  3 Days 2 Nights holiday at Phuket Island.  

For 1st runner up, 3 Days 2 Nights holiday at Langkawi

and 2nd runner up, 3 Days 2 Nights holiday at Genting Highland.

For others don't worry you can Win consolation prize almost every episode for voting contest ;)

1st Round. Show me your effort.

Hello my lovely contestants,

So it's time, your first round for dare2be contest. Are you ready ladies? We need introduction for people out there to show them that you are dare enough to take our challenge. Here the list of name who have selected to our first round after third casting. Congratulations.

This is our contestant which is selected for next round

Aimi Hazwani
Dhamirah Akmal
Farah Suhaili
Nursyahira Nabila
Siti Suhana
Syafiqah Amanda

So this is details for our first photo shoot :

Time : 10 A.M
Date : September 17
Venue : Saycheese Homestudio, Desa Idaman, Puchong Prima, Selangor
Theme : Plain White Singlet

So here a map for you guys for those who forgot how to go here ;)

Schedule Coming Soon

Hello contestant,

Hows your raya going? So here we will inform you that schedule will coming soon. So be prepared. I want to check with you if you still interested to join because some of you did not reply any to our message. Please we need to confirm with you if not there still girls out there who interested to this contest. Thank you.

Any enquiry do contact us at

Salam Aidilfitri

September 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua rakan2 di luar sana. Terima Kasih kerana setia support kami dari belakang. Tanpa kamu siapalah kami. "Without fans, we are nothing"

So I would like to invite you guys to our 'Potluck Raya' this Saturday at Puchong Prima. For those contestant dare2be do come join us also don't be shy. We have more work to do soon. Hopefully to meet you guys this Saturday. Thank You

2nd Batch Of Casting

Congratulation for those who are selected for 2nd casting. Actually we still looking for qualified contestant that have more confident in front of camera with great attitude. At first, we looking for contestant that can give us full commitment. We are not having every week photo shoot but it almost like 2 to 3 weeks. So canceling last minute will be problem to us. DO respond to our SMS if you still interested. Thank You.

1st Batch Of Casting

Hello guys, 1st of all thanks for those who sending their photo to us. Terlalu banyak untuk kami membuat pilihan. All of you were perfect and we couldn’t make decision to choose who can make it to the next round. So, we decided to have a casting. Casting ini adalah untuk memudahkan kami untuk menilai siapa yang lebih sesuai untuk contest kami. Its a one way to build relationship between us and contestant. For those who are very shy in front of camera and nervous, make sure if you are selected to next round don’t be shy anymore.

Kepada semua di luar sana, jika anda ingin melihat video-video casting kami sila vote di kotak vote sebelah ini. Hopefully everyone will enjoy our show. Thank You.

This is a moment where their journey begins.