July 1,2010

It is free to enter and we will select for the top 10. If you are in top 10, you will be entered into a the tournament where you will be judge by our judges. Due date for entering contest is 25th July 2011.

How do I enter the contest?
1st Theme is “Lady in Red” so you have to send your photo with red dress or shirt.

Where to send my photo?
Send it to together with your details.

Name :
Age :
Height :
Weight :
Email :
Eye Color :
Hair Color :
Body Measurement :
Dress Size :
Shoe Size :

How can I view contestant?
You have to visit SayCheese Productions Fan Page then click LIKE button.Go to Dare2be Photo Album and you can view our contestant photo. We will update after photo shoot.

How this contest work?
After top 10 was selected, we are having a photo shoot session with you. The locations are depend on Theme so contestant is require to be there on time. If photo shoot outside from Kuala Lumpur, we will provide place and transportation for you.

You will be on Youtube for this contest because we having almost like reality show which is every photo shoot will be recorded and you will be interviewed after photo shoot.
Judges will judge on your attitude, personality and your pose during photo shoot. We will eliminate one by one every photo shoot.This will continue until there is only one model left. This last remaining model will be crowned the winner and take home the top prize!

What does the winner get?
Each competition will most likely have a different prizes. All your photo will be burned in DVD as your portfolio.

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