Grand Prize Announcement

Whats up girls.

So its a news for you whether its a great news or not. So we already decided to change our Grand Prize from Phuket Island to Krabi Island. Why? Because we said so. Nahh Im just kidding. It is because I think Krabi more relaxing than Phuket isn't. Serious, we are not playing and this is not school project. This is real. R E A L.

Please don't take it as simple as you think because we choose how you commit in this contest not just you are beautiful. We need someone who are fun, discipline and quickly respond to our message. Are you saving a lot of credit to respond to our message. Its just 10cent from your credit amount where you spend a lot to your boyfriend? Haha nahh don't take it serious you know me but please after this try to be more discipline.

We already choose our date and I already inform you 2 weeks earlier. So clear your schedule. I don't take last minutes S.H.I.T unless its really important. We need someone serious because there is still a lot of girl trying to join this contest if you want to quit or give up or don't want take it serious.

Its a lot of talking here so lets just relaxing by viewing few photo about Krabi. Just imagine when you get there <3

Cheese ;)


  • 4-star hotel in Krabi, Thailand.
  • Private balcony with sea view.
  • Facilities include swimming pools, massage service and more.
  • Only 5 minutes from beach.
  • Day tours to nearby islands available.


  1. wow! so beautiful scenery,clean beach,peaceful,wanted to go there! haiyak!